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Personalized guidance and empowering insights to break through stagnation and create your dream reality.

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The adventure begins! Let us become a team, unlocking your potential as you claim your awesome life.

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Having walked the path, I help individuals unleash their inner power while supporting them as they rebuild unshakeable confidence, stepping into their greatness.

Build your dream life?

From dreams to action! I will help empower you to build an authentic life on the basis of happiness.

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The Feminine Phoenix Consultation Report

The General Consultative Report

Detailed 5-Card Report on General Aspects of Your Life

The Love Consultative Report

Detailed 5-Card Report Offering Insight to Your Love Relationship

The Career Report

Detailed 5-Card Report Offering Insight to Your Career

Here's what customers are saying!

”After ordering my report, I saw a lot of helpful information which guided me to making the right decisions regarding my career.”

- Marissa Williams

”My wife has been singing The Feminine Phoenix praises. I don't know what magic was done with this report, but my wife is stressing less about issues, and she is at peace in her day-to-day activities.”

- Marcus Stevens

”Where do I even begin? I was going through a horrible break up, I lost lots of weight and was sick, felt as if I could not go on. After ordering my report and learning about my inner strengths, I finally began planning, organizing and now I am living a fulfilling life. I have found love again, and I am happy!"

- Nadia Salas

”I was VERY skeptical at first, I didn't think a measly report could have helped me do anything significant in my life, but I gained insight about a lot of my hidden strengths, which inspired me to make a bold move at my job, applying, and obtaining the Director of Sales position I wanted.”

- Christina Klein

Meet Melissa

I help people yearning to break free from everyday struggles. Using my Feminine Phoenix Deck, and hardcore life experiences, my heartfelt reports help inspire resilience, helping people rise like the phoenix and unlock their true potential.

Having to face and overcome a lot of my challenges through reflection and self-discovery, I understand the weight we carry. The Feminine Phoenix Consultation Report offers a compassionate light, encouraging healing and reclamation of radiant strength.